December 11, 2014

This Land Is My Land, This Land Is #OurLand - Support Local Parks and Wild Life with The Trust for Public Land

I have a passion for nature and our land. While this post is sponsored by The Trust for Public Land, thoughts and feelings expressed below are all my own.

I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida a few years ago on a whim after falling in love with the city while helping a family member relocate and I absolutely love it here still. The beaches are obviously part of the reason I decided to live here; but I have to be honest, one of my absolute favorite things about this area is all the parks and nature preserves! In Pinellas County alone, we have over 20,000 acres of land dedicated to parks and preserves - a decent amount for the most densely populated county in Florida.

With so many parks and so much wildlife sitting just outside the busy city life that we all must be a part of, I have to admit we spend quiet a bit of time exploring nature. We love going to the local parks and just being. Whether we decide to study for school, practice yoga, take the dogs for a walk, practice our photography skills - it doesn't matter, it feels nice connecting with nature.

Hubs and I even spent an afternoon this past weekend exploring parks on the opposite coast of Florida as part of celebrating our anniversary, it's something we both enjoy doing so it was fun to visit several parks along the coast and see what they all had to offer. This isn't something new for us though, we tend to make it a point to visit at least one park in any city we visit, because we love nature so much.

We even stop at parks, instead of rest stops, most of the time when roadtripping. It's nice to get out of the car for a bit when we do this, plus we get to see all kinds of different parks in different environments - like this gorgeous stop we made in North Carolina.

I have dreams of visiting some of the more famous parks like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc. I'm sure we'll head that direction eventually but for now I'll enjoy everything my local parks have to offer - from preserves on islands you can only access via ferry to bird towers soaring above the trees, the parks around here have plenty for me to explore!

Today I'm sharing my passion for my local parks to show my support for The Trust for Public Land. We believe everyone should have a healthy connection to nature through nearby parks, working lands, and wild places. Since 1972, The Trust for Public Land has protected 3 million acres and completed more than 5,000 park and conservation projects!

Despite all the land they've saved, the fact is, open space in America is disappearing at a rate of 6,000 acres a day! If we continue to allow our land to be destroyed, we aren't leaving much land for future generations to enjoy.

Something needs to change, we can't keep ignoring this problem. Together we all can reverse this decline – for the health of our families, our communities, and our future. It's our right to protect the beauty that our nation has to offer.

You may think it's too difficult to help, but it's not difficult at all. You can help protect our precious lands and keep this land #OurLand easily. Click here to share why nature matters to you with The Trust for Public Land by making a postcard like the one shown above. Need to get inspired before you create one of your own? Check out the video below and then click on over to share your story so you can help protect the places you love.

This land is my land, This land is #OurLand!

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