The Chihuly Collection: St. Petersburg’s Little Gem - Glass Work That Will Blow Your Mind!

I recently went on a little adventure to The Chihuly collection, an amazing spectacle located in the heart of Downtown St. Pete and a true sight to see!

The Chihuly Collection: St Petersburg Little Gem - Glass Work that will blow your mind
Dale Chihuly's work has been featured at The Louvre and even seen hanging over canals in Venice - his glass work is an art form that is truly amazing. With twists, turns, and detail that will blow your mind - I'm so proud that his permanent collection is a staple in my community. Having an artist that inspires you to grow, to achieve, to push yourself harder place their gallery within driving distance of your home is a huge deal... to an artist like me anyways

I've lived in the area for several years so I've heard his name before, I've driven by the collection and dreamed about what was inside, and I've actually worked at businesses that featured some of Chihuly's works so I've been a fan for a while now but visiting his collection really made me fall in love with his style, his intent, and his vision. His art makes you think, it also leaves you in awe of his talent; something I think any artist can appreciate.

I'm unsure of the name of all of his creations, I actually went to visit the collection on a weekend so I didn't go on a docent led tour, if you would like to have someone lead your tour visit M-F for the opportunity to learn the Chihuly lingo.

I'm just going to give you all the pictures at once because, they are all so beautiful.

The Chihuly Collection: St Petersburg Little Gem - Glass Work that will blow your mind

Next time you visit The Tampa/St Petersburg area, be sure to add The Chihuly Collection to your list of sites to see.


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