December 8, 2014

Having The Freedom To Be Spontaneous: How To Plan A Super Romantic Scavenger Hunt Date Night!

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This past weekend hubs and I celebrated six years of marriage! I wanted to celebrate in a big way so I decided to surprise him with something super fun and unexpected that I knew he would like. I went to Walmart to grab supplies for a scavenger hunt that would knock his socks off - while I was there I grabbed some items that may make some blush {just a warning to those that may want to click away}. I bought him a nice track suit, some of his favorite candies, a stack of movies, a neck massager, a new blanket, a little K-Y® surprise and more - all of these items allowing us both to relax and just live in the moment with each other while having the freedom to be spontaneous!

I designed all of the clues (making them rhyme was tough), set up the whole scavenger hunt, and then got ready for our date night all in one day! So anyone can do this, it just takes some creativity!

The scavenger hunt fun started at the front door with a friendly greeting letting him know what he was in for and to get his imagination working, as well as his first clue that led him to our little storage area in the entry way, where he could expect his first surprise:

His first surprise was a ton of kisses! His next clue was something else he eats with a drawing pointing him in the right direction:

Once he found the eggs, he was directed to the stove top:

From the stove top, he was directed toward the light... this one I could have elaborated on but he got the idea - he's pretty bright (heh, heh)!:

Nearby the light I left another surprise for him, a stack of some our favorite movies and a few classics! We're total movie buffs so these movies are going to be great for future date nights. His next clue led him to the only ticking clocks in the house:

The ticking clocks in our house are part of our gallery wall on the way up the stairs, this clue led him to our game closet where I hid two new games:

I hid Sorry & Trouble in the game closet because I mean, what other games would fit more perfectly into a clue... Plus, the games are so much fun to play! From here I led him to a surprise that was mostly for me, but he'll definitely benefit from it as well:

This surprise was K-Y® liquibeads, which save the day when needed and provide a woman with the freedom to be spontaneous! These little beads are easy to use, the product comes with an applicator in which you place the bead, then you use that applicator (much like you would a tampon) and insert the bead. Now you are ready for action and you can insert a bead once every few days so that your body is ready whenever the mood may strike! *Please consult a doctor before using if you are pregnant or nursing* After he learned about these little beauties and how they are going to spice things up for us, his next clue led him to something that will keep us warm:

Following that clue, he knew my "office" was the place he should head next. Here he was treated to another surprise - a warm and fuzzy new blanket! He also found another clue that led him to yet another surprise nearby his closet:

By his closet, I hung up a new athletic outfit for him (something he really needed), with a new shirt to go under as well. He isn't much of a shopper so when I get the chance to treat him to new clothes, I love to do so! After trying on his comfy new clothes, the next clue was hidden in his pocket and told him to check the area where we keep our liquor:

By the liquor I left one of his last clues as well as a few of his favorite candies because he's a funny guy that makes me snicker! (heh) I know some of these clues are cheesy, but that's part of the fun in being romantic... making him smile while reading these clues was my goal and I totally succeeded! This clue was straight to the point, directing him to the last point - the glass patio door:

I saved one of the best surprises for last, he always wants me to massage his neck so I bought a personal neck massager that can take my place when I'm busy! His last clue also included his last surprise, when I officially announced that we were heading out on a date!

I had a blast setting up his surprises and the whole scavenger hunt! Coming up with the clues was pretty easy once I started and I was able to spoil him while watching him have fun finding his gifts! 

I suggest if you do something like this for your honey that you choose gifts that you know he or she will love... If you have a techie husband, maybe a new electronic device would be a good surprise or if you have a fashionista girlfriend, a new little black dress would be a safe bet!

Games, candies, K-Y® products, massage items, and movies are always great romantic surprises and using you'll be able to find a coupon for it all!

It's just fun to deliver gifts in a unique way and the memories you make surprising your spouse with something romantic like this will last forever! You could get even more creative and hide gifts around your city or your neighborhood - I just wanted to make our scavenger hunt short and sweet but I look forward to surprising him with more elaborate surprises in the future. I'm not an expert on marriage, but I guess after six years I've learned how to keep the romance alive and spoil my husband; so here's to six years of marriage... and many more to come!

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  1. OMG!! This is such a cute idea & you dida great job!! He must have felt so special that evening 💕 I'm motivated to do something similar now, ty for sharing!!


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