Disney Planes Dusty Crophopper DIY Ornament Tutorial + Rollback Deals!

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I keep talking about it, but I'm super excited to see my family over the holidays! I can't wait to see all my nieces and nephews and spend time crafting and playing with them! We have so many awesome kids in our family, it's hard not to get excited to see them! This year I'm surprising them with something I made from the heart. We're all big Disney fans so when I heard that Planes Fire & Rescue came out in early November, I knew we would spend some time together watching our favorite Plane (Dusty Crophopper)!

I just couldn't help myself though, I had to make them something to make this holiday extra special! I'm that Aunt, I show up with things I painted, crafted, baked, etc for them...and well, we all know gifts that are handmade mean the most so I tried my hardest to make a Dusty ornament that will put a smile on their face!

Once I was finished with him, I knew I had to share how I made him with you guys and I wanted to showcase him in my house... I decided that this year instead of having a traditional "big kid" tree, we were going with a unique theme. This year our tree is decorated with characters from Planes Fire & Rescue and Cars - two of our favorite movies to watch with our nieces and nephews!

I'm just in love with how Dusty turned out, so I made two so I can still give one to my family... But as promised, I'm sharing how you can create a Dusty Crophopper Ornament of your own super easily, using items you most likely already have around your home! I'm also sharing some awesome deals on Planes toys - because what's better than good prices on Disney toys?!

Disney Planes Dusty Crophopper DIY Ornament

Items needed:

Toilet Paper Roll
Orange Foam Cards (Dollar Store toy/craft aisle)
White Poster Board
Cardboard (you could always sub poster board)
Black Scrapbooking Paper
Silver Cupcake liner (or paper)
Silver Paper Fastener
Paint - Orange, White, Blue
Polyester filling
Glue (I use hot glue) & Tape

I decided to dive right into this project, gathered everything up and it was on! I started by forming the easiest part of the ornament - the cloud! I'm thinking a whole tree full of these little cloud puffs and snowflakes may be in our future next year. All you do to form the cloud is simply pull at it until you develop the shape you want. After forming the cloud, I started making Dusty's "nose" using the cupcake liner (you could always use scrapbook paper). You simply just fold the circle to make a cylinder using your own hand to form it.

Once your cylinder is formed, cut the tip off the top, making sure it is large enough to get the paper fastener through. Next you'll trim three equal propellers from black construction (or scrapbook paper) and glue these to the paper fastener.

Next step is easy, officially glue the propellers, nose and fastener together and tape it onto the toilet paper roll.

Now you'll glue your orange foam pieces (or orange construction paper) onto your toilet paper roll, allowing it to start to transform into Dusty! The next step is making his cabin body, you'll want to cut a piece of orange foam or paper into a square and fold it to look like the photo in the bottom right and then secure the sides by gluing it together.
Once it's all glued together and it's cut down to size, it's time to start working on Dusty's wings! I just decided to use a white cardboard box I happened to have from a recent gift I received. You could use poster board or normal cardboard and paint it. I simply cut his wings about the length of his body and 3/4 an inch wide. I went ahead and cut out Dusty's tailplane as well. These are easy cuts again, just a thin rectangular piece about 2 1/2 inches long and a trapezoid about an 1 1/4 inches in size.

Now it's time to add the details, I painted the edge of Dusty's wings orange to match his body, his tail stabilizer longer piece blue, and the smaller piece orange. I then added the details to the wings and took a break to let these dry!

Once the paint dried on Dusty's wing, it was time to start putting all his pieces together. I cut a hole in the smaller stabilizer piece using an exacto blade and then slid the longer piece through. I then cut a hole for the stabilizer to go on Dusty's backside and started to make holes for his wings. This is definitely part of the project an adult needs to be a part of, better safe than sorry at any age!

The next step is making sure Dusty's rocking his lucky number 7 on his sleeve! I decided the best way to get a clean circle was to trace a paint bottle. I then just sketched a 7 into the circle, colored it in, and Dusty's starting to resemble himself already!
The next is another detail piece, one of the most important! Dusty's gorgeous little baby blues. I cut them from a small piece of white poster board and snipped out two small little hills and then started drawing his eyes.

I outlined the black in his eyes almost  all the way around with blue and left a little white "shine" to make his eyes look bright. I then went ahead and used some hot glue to attach his eyes to his "face" and then his face to the body of the plane!
He's nearly done now, all you have to do is glue him onto his cloud and use a needle to get a piece of thread through the top so he is able to hang from your tree.

And it's official, you now have created a Planes ornament of your own! I think Dusty turned out adorably and the best part is, this is a craft you can do with your littles. You can let them do most of the work and just help with gluing and cutting - the perfect way to spend time together and make something you'll be able to admire year after year! I love making crafts and can't wait to attempt this with my nieces and nephews soon.

I have another great surprise in store for my nieces and nephews, I grabbed a few of the awesome Rollback deals on Planes toys at Walmart! I went ahead and kept a pack of the Die-Cast 3 pack vehicles to help decorate my tree but Walmart has so many awesome toys on Rollback specials right now, I was able to grab some toys for the kids, and even grabbed a pack to donate!

The Disney Planes Flight to Finish Speedway is on Rollback for $24.97, the Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Die-Cast Vehicles, 3-Pack is on Rollback for $14.97, the Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Deluxe Talking Vehicle Assortment is on  Rollback for $19.97, and lastly the Planes Character Assortment die-cast set and the Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue Character Assortment die-cast set are both on rollback for $4.97! With so many awesome deals on everything Planes, which toy will you be grabbing to surprise your little with?


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