November 21, 2014

My Foodie Collection: Beyond The Traditional - The Ultimate Thanksgiving Spread

Have you ever used Foodie to collect recipes? It's a fun way to gather recipes and plan meals! This post was sponsored by Foodie, but as always all opinions are my own and I only share things I feel will benefit my readers.
I have so many things in my life to be thankful for everyday, so celebrating my gratitude with a holiday just seems fitting; we should have a monthly gratitude celebration or even weekly! Thanksgiving has to be one of the most amazing holidays: celebrating with food, family, friends, football, and other fun stuff.

I'm looking forward to celebrating this year and preparing The Ultimate Thanksgiving Spread Menu has been easy, I've been using Foodie to collect my recipes and I'm so excited to share the most delicious recipes ever with you today.

Check out Beyond The Traditional - The Ultimate Thanksgiving Spread
by Lauren Paints at
Check out my Foodie Collection above! I included recipes for soups, turkey, cocktails, desserts, stuffing, greens, potatoes, and more... a little bit of everything with a twist so you can have an un-traditional but still delicious Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and let me know if you choose to make anything from The Ultimate Thanksgiving Spread!

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