October 16, 2014

Why I Run: Support The Cause with Skechers Breast Cancer Awareness Shoes

Today's post is sponsored by Skechers, but my love for their cause is completely my own.

If you're a regular reader you already know Getting Fit in 2014 is my ultimate goal, now that I've teamed up with Skechers I have the most awesome pair of Pink Ribbon shoes to help me on my journey. Lately I've been thinking about why I run... what really motivates me to run. I mean I really love seeing my doggies smiling faces, getting out and exploring, feeling the burn, and all that good stuff but there's more to it than that.

I run because I want a transformation. That may sound strange, but it's the best way to express what I mean. Running helps me transform my body, in the obvious sense: the activity burns calories which helps me lose fat... but running also has completely transformed my mindset. I've shared in the past that I was always the girl that couldn't even finish a mile in grade school, but that all has changed and it's because I believed I was capable and started allowing myself to work towards my goals.

Since moving to Florida I've participated in a few 5K's, which means I've now run (more like jogged and/or walked) hundreds of miles while "training" for these events and participating in them. I've pushed myself farther than I ever thought possible and I'm going to continue to do so. I'm so proud of my progress and achievements thus far. I can't even begin to explain the way I love running now, not only have I changed my mindset towards the activity, I've changed my mindset in general: I now know anything I think I can do, I will be able to do if I work hard enough.

One thing I've noticed while running is that my shoes matter; if my shoes are comfortable and provide the support I need, I can run longer and faster. When Skechers sent over the GOrun 3 Awareness tennis shoes I fell in love the second I put them on. These shoes are obviously designed for speed while offering a barefoot running experience and impact protection, the perfect combination for a nice long run.

Not only are these shoes adorable, the Skechers Gorun 3's offer improved breathability and flexibility with a roomy three-layer mesh front panel. While the GOimpulse sensors on the bottom of the shoes offer flexibility and feedback for a responsive running experience. These beauties also offer the perfect amount of "give" to make these the most comfortable pair of running shoes I own, plus with the M-Strike Technology promoting a mid-foot strike these make for an excellent training shoe. These shoes offer everything I want in a running shoe, plus they help a great cause... Score!

During the month of October Skechers Performance Division has teamed up with American Cancer Society to support the fight against Breast Cancer. This adorable pair of shoes as well as several others and items of apparel are all part of a collection supporting the cause. Skechers Performance Division’s support will help the American Cancer Society continue to invest in ground breaking research, provide comprehensive support to people diagnosed with breast cancer, and advocate for laws that ensure access for women who need it so more lives are saved.

Not only have they created the perfect line to bring Awareness to the cause, Skechers Performance Division is offering a donation to American Cancer Society - Skechers has committed to donate $150K at a minimun... with 100% of the proceeds going to American Cancer Society! This is huge and you can be a part of the donation easily, just buy a pair online or head into a Skechers store near you!

If you head in-store you can score savings on future purchases because Skechers is launching a register round-up! You'll have the option to round up your purchase to the nearest whole dollar to benefit American Cancer Society for the entire month of October! Plus, if you donate $5 or more, you will also receive a 20% off discount for your next visit. Even if you don't purchase anything from the Awareness line, you can buy anything from any Skechers retailer store and still have the opportunity to give back and support the cause. Oh, did I mention that you'll receive a special promotional gift if you purchase any of the Awareness shoes in stores? You'll love it!

Not only can you help the cause while shopping in stores, Skechers is hosting the American Cancer Society San Francisco Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, and will be donating a percentage of proceeds from the sales of Skechers shoes on-site that day.

Head in to your nearest Skechers Retail store to purchase a pair of Awareness shoes
or buy a pair online today!

To help raise awareness, I made this infographic:
Feel free to share.

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