October 10, 2014

Trunx: A New Way to Store, Organize, and Share Photos

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Trunx. All opinions are my own.

So let's be honest, how many photos do you currently have on your phone?
If you are anything like me that number is WAY too high and your phones storage is full of selfies, shots of your vacations, family photos, foodie pics, and random snapshots of your dog.

Once I hit 2,000+ photos I decided it's time to do something about this "habit" of mine. My photography seriously eats up more GB on my laptop and cell phone than is probably normal, I call it artistic... some may call this virtual hoarding though.

Thank goodness I've found a private and safe way to store all of my digital photos. Trunx is my new favorite app, it's a password protected "cloud" that holds almost every photo I've ever taken, literally.

I take a million pictures of the same thing at different angles just trying to get it perfect - so this app is awesome for "creative minds" like mine. We can now shoot without the worry of running out of space... This
means you can share every single one of your photos from your little one's birthday party or your sister's graduation with your loving family, without having to share a thousand of the same angles with everyone on facebook! Did I mention if you have a family full of photographers, your family members can add photos from their devices into the album you create to share with them. Trunx is the perfect solution to sharing family photos for every family!

I'll be visiting my husband's family in North Carolina very soon
and can't wait to take TONS of pictures of my adorable niece and her precious twin siblings as well as my fabulous sisters and brothers... and now that I know about Trunx, I'll upload photos from both my cell phone and my digital camera to an album that I can share with just these members of my family!

Not only can you share photos easily, the app organizes your photos! You can view photos in the timeline view (each day at a glance), the Calendar view (organized into months and years), or the Tags view - where you can personally organize each photo album however you wish.
There are 3 unique views, making it easy to find that specific moment you’re looking for, to take a walk down memory lane, or relive the best family moments.

Now that you know my favorite new app, I suggest you sign up now and upload everything!
You can find the Trunx app for apple and android mobile devices, as well as windows and apple computers!

Don't miss out on uploading before the 31st of December, Trunx is offering
unlimited photo storage until 2015. Get this: I have about 25,000+ photos saved on my laptop... and Trunx is going to hold onto every single one of those photos for me... for free! Have you priced external hard drives lately? Free is cheaper! The idea of having an unlimited cloud is incredible and I'm so excited to overwhelm my Trunx account with millions of pictures!

Worried about what happens once this introductory offer of free storage is over once 2015 starts? Good news, you'll still be able to access all of your photos and you can purchase additional storage for a very low price.

So a big shout out to Trunx, now I'll never run out of storage on my phone or laptop!

Image storage, organizing, and sharing just got a whole lot easier!

If you download Trunx and upload your photos,let me know what you think of the awesome app

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