October 6, 2014

Spirit Lockets: Cute and Customizable Lockets for Everyone!

Spirit Lockets are super cute and customizable necklaces and bracelets suited for everyone's taste. They provided me with a locket for myself and a yoga challenge participant in exchange for an honest review. I'm actually an affiliate for the company and their links can be found on my site... Regardless, I only recommend products that I think will benefit my readers.

Spirit Lockets are just the coolest. I absolutely love everything about the bracelet they sent me. The locket face is covered in rhinestones and is absolutely beautiful with a huge window to hold all of my charms. I decided to get a Yin&Yang charm to remind me to always be at peace and the airplane charm because I have a pretty strong case of wanderlust plus two gems just to make it shine and with it's newest addition the brand new "Yoga" Om charm (not pictured above, but seen in the necklace below) this bracelet is soooo me and I love wearing it. Placing charms that mean something to me is the most fun part of having a locket like this... I hope to add and exchange charms soon too. Maybe a painters palette will be my next charm?

I was lucky enough to be able to provide one awesome participant in my yoga challenge with a locket from Spirit Lockets and a chain actually purchased outside of Spirit Lockets, sadly the chain they sent me was short enough to make the necklace a choker... *awkward*. Now I've resolved the short chain issue with a third party vendor and the winner will receive a chain that will fall approximately to her bust or below; a much more desirable length! My fault for not observing lengths when chosing the winner's prize. Anyways, the winner's locket is wonderful and turned out perfectly; that is all that really matters to me. The locket features a white detail on the edges and a beautiful, large open window. I chose charms for the winner based on our mutual interest in yoga and I hope she loves her necklace. She will receive a necklace with the same Om and Ying-Yang charm I mentioned above, as well as an adorable teal bird charm, a rose charm, some rhinestones, and a strength dangle as a reminder of how strong she is.

Spirit Lockets are the most adorable necklaces and make the perfect gifts - you may even want to include one of these in your favorite fashionista's stocking this year!

You can {shop the look here}.

I've notified the winner of the yoga challenge that she won this gorgeous necklace and a painting and I'm waiting for her to confirm before officially announcing!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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