Getting Fit in 2014 - The Next Big Step in My Weight Loss Journey! #PlanetFitness

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Planet Fitness. I received a membership to Planet Fitness to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation, regardless all opinions expressed below are my own and I only recommend things I feel will benefit my readers.

Since I just wrapped up the yoga challenge, I'm certain that most of you know I love practicing yoga... but I've never really been a "work out" loving girl. I was always the chunky girl that could barely run the mile in school, I've never done a pull up in my life, and well I've kind of hated getting sweaty since I was little... but recently, I've kind of fallen in love with burning calories.
I suppose my mind set towards the "burn" you feel when really working hard has changed, I look at it as a reward to my body; a reward to myself.

I love knowing that I'm going to lose big when I feel the burn in my lungs and legs while I'm running, I love feeling my muscles ache after a good squatting session, I love feeling the intense stretch while dancing to work out videos... My current work out routines are fabulous but I'm ready to burn more and I'm super excited to share I've just taken the biggest stride towards my fitness yet; I've joined a health club so I have access to equipment that will help me burn some serious calories!

I am now a member of Planet Fitness, I'm so thrilled because the health club prides itself on it's top-notch facilities and it's super laid back, judgement free atmosphere. It's the perfect health club for a newb like me. The "Judgement Free Zone" makes me feel comfortable... It is so nice to know I can lift weights without having some bodybuilders squeezing me out of the way when I try to grab the "baby" weights from the rack. I can huff and puff while I run miles on the treadmill watching their gorgeous flat screens, I can dance in the locker rooms to their awesome music if I want to... and on Monday's I can even reward myself with pizza on their behalf if I choose to do so - free food after an intense work out: score!

The location closest to my home is "opening soon" so I have to drive a little farther than I'd like right now, but Planet Fitness is totally worth it. The Black Card membership allows me to spoil myself with all of their amenities and it's awesome because I can bring a guest! So of course, hubs will be tagging along with me and encouraging me to work hard while he builds some sexy muscle up. My plan is to visit Planet Fitness a few times a week until the location closer to us opens up, then there is no telling how often I'll be there... Probably daily. Am I a work out endorphin junkie now? Possibly. I've finally found my work out happy place.

Planet Fitness is a club made for people like me and you...I'm so excited to work my butt off there, literally and you should be too. I have some great news, to get fall started out on the right foot - Planet Fitness is having a national 10-day membership sale! You can join any Planet Fitness club for just $10 down and $10 a month with no commitment from October 1-10. Don't miss your chance to join a great fitness club at a great price with no strings attached.

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