DIY Alice in Wonderland #Halloween Costume

By Lauren Harmon - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I received a pair of Spooky Eyes contacts to facilitate this review, regardless I only recommend items I think my readers will love as much as I do.

I've always been a pretty big fan of Halloween: eating candy and just having fun with friends while playing dress up... this all makes for the perfect holiday in my mind! Over the years I've been everything from a pretty little princess to a circus ringmaster with a whip to a pretty sexy Cindy Lou Who; All of these costumes were amazing, if I don't say so myself... but my costume this year is going to blow every other costume out of the water or should I say down the rabbit hole. I'm going to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween; I'm so excited about my costume I could burst so I have to share with you before the actual holiday!

DIY Alice in Wonderland Costume

I did a little dress rehearsal the other day to make sure my DIY Alice in Wonderland costume was as cool as I had imagined it and I'm so proud of the results. Hubby is going to dress in a costume that will pair with mine perfectly, I can't wait to reveal his costume later... This year is going to be so fun!

DIY Alice in Wonderland Costume
DIY Alice in Wonderland Costume

This years costume design started early, I've been hunting for the perfect items to pair together to make the perfect Alice costume for a few months now and when I was offered the chance to review the Spooky Eyes Wizard Blue contacts, I was so excited... Although it was hard to decide which pair I wanted since Spooky Eyes offers contacts in all kinds of different colors and crazy designs. Do you have a costume that needs an extra little something this year? Order a pair of Spooky Eyes to give your costume it's final touch!

While these contacts offer a great look, I feel the need to mention that they made my eyes so uncomfortable; this is probably because I don't typically wear contacts so I'm not used to the feeling of them yet. But I definitely wouldn't expect a child to wear contacts like these, they are a bit hard to see out of since the color is so deep - but they look amazing and really transformed me into Alice...

DIY Alice in Wonderland Costume
DIY Alice in Wonderland Costume

Now you're probably wondering where all of the awesome parts of my costume came from so you can transform into Alice as well... right? Well, you can find the wig, stockings, and apron on Amazon. The dress I'm wearing is a thrift store find, for a super low price of $4.99! The rocking Mary Jane pumps are from Pin-Up Darling... and  don't forget to snag a pair of Wizard Blue contacts from Spooky Eyes too!

DIY Alice in Wonderland Costume

So tell me,
who (or what) are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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