September 30, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 30 - Star Pose

Today is the final day of the #EveryBodyYoga Challenge!
{Star Pose}

Star Pose stretches and lengthens your body in all directions all at once. It helps align your spine correctly, which helps to improve your posture and reduces back and shoulder pain. When practiced correctly, Star Pose will utilize every single muscle in your body. It strengthens the legs, ankles, abdomen, and back. Since your body is so outstretched you are providing more space for your lungs and heart which helps improve circulation and respiration.

This Super Star pose has all kinds of benefits - the perfect way to close out our challenge!

This pose is pretty simple and so very enjoyable! You'll begin by stepping your feet 3 to 4 feet apart, a distance that feels comfortable but still provides a nice stretch. Pointing your feet forward, spreading your toes, and balancing your weight evenly on your feet; Keep your knees soft and turn your tailbone under and contract your buttocks and hamstrings. Lift your arms up to shoulder height and out to your sides. Keep your hands in line with your arms, contract your ab muscles and as you lift your chest, pull your shoulders back and send your shoulders blades down your back.


I can't even believe the challenge is over! This month has flown by so fast and I've loved hosting the #EveryBodyYoga challenge so very much - it's always fun to learn, explore, and grow and this challenge has helped me do all of the above! I learned all kinds of things including several benefits of yoga poses that I was unaware of! I also learned that I can be really passionate about something and inspire others; that's pretty freaking cool in my book. I was able to explore new places around my city this month and I explored new yoga poses with the challenge participants. I grew out of my shell a bit, practicing yoga in wild places and I truly grew my yoga practice this month - they say if you want to learn something well then you should teach it; hosting a yoga challenge applies here too, I think.

I hope that you have taken the time to like all of our sponsors at some point through out the month,
if not then you definitely should today. You'll have the chance to win one of the awesome prizes!

Winners will be announced soon.

There will be THREE lucky winners:

ONE winner will receive the LUSH Cosmetics "You're a star" prize package! {RV: $75}
This prize includes 8 awesome items from Lush Cosmetics, these products are all celebrity recommended and absolutely amazing!


ONE winner will receive a pair of Luna Jai athletic leggings {RV: $69}
& a Gaiam Pink Ribbon Yoga mat!
{RV: $22}
I'm a Luna Jai brand ambassador and a HUGE fan of their products - they are so incredibly comfortable and the fit is unlike any others. Be on the lookout for a review of my favorite pairs from their collection soon! Plus, the Gaiam Pink Ribbon Yoga mat is absolutely gorgeous and helps a great cause - provide hope, support, and love every time you practice yoga with this mat!


ONE winner will receive a custom zen painting from yours truly {RV: $75}
& a zen themed Spirit Locket Necklace!

I'll be creating a custom painting for one lucky participant - a custom work of art that suits their style and passions. We'll collaborate and figure out the perfect work of art for your space. Plus, you'll receive a customized zen themed necklace - featuring gorgeous charms inside of a fun locket.

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