September 28, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 29 - Sun Salutation or Upward Salute

Day Twenty-Nine of the #EveryBodyYoga Challenge
#EveryBodyYoga Day 29 - Sun Salutation or Upward Salute
{Sun Salutation with Arms Raised or Upward Salute}

Sun Salutations are my favorite way to begin any yoga practice. I chose to do my favorite pose within a Sun Salutation, known as the "Sun Salutation with Arms Raised" or an Upward Salute for day 29. This pose stretches the sides of the body, spine, shoulders, armpits, and belly while it also tones the thighs, improves digestion, and helps to relieve anxiety and fatigue.  By creating space between the vertebrae, the pose improves posture and helps to prepare the spine for deeper stretches and twists - the perfect pose to help with more complex poses and it just feels good!
#EveryBodyYoga Day 29 - Sun Salutation or Upward Salute
This pose is super simple to get into, stand straight with your feet touching. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed, close your eyes, and begin to concentrate on your breathing. Raise your arms upward and slowly and slightly bend backward, stretching your arms above the head. Relax your neck and enjoy the stretch.
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