September 27, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 27 - Tree Pose

Day Twenty-Seven of the #EveryBodyYoga Challenge
{Tree Pose}

Tree Pose is another one of my favorite poses, it stretches your body all over - your thighs, groin, torso, and shoulders. It also tones the abdominal muscles while helping to improve your sense of balance and coordination.Gotta love yoga! The reason I love yoga, specifically this pose so incredibly much: "It teaches the benefits of a meditative state of mind, and is a gentle reminder that you can bring calm focus and clear-headedness to all situations, not just when you are practicing a seated meditation."

While standing in a normal posture, shift your weight onto one foot, then lift your other heel up to your inner thigh. Reach arms straight up, or press your palms together at your chest or behind your upper spine - whatever feels comfortable for you. Stay in the pose and enjoy the calmness that comes over you!

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