#EveryBodyYoga Day 20 - Seated Palm Tree Pose (Seated Tadasana)

Day Twenty of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge

{Seated Palm Tree Pose}

This pose is another relatively simple pose but learning how to sit without compression is essential for maintaining the health of your spine, mental alertness, resting, and digestion. Seated Palm Tree Pose stretches the upper body thoroughly, boosts respiration, and peps up the mind. Next time you feel stressed while at work or even while on the go, just casually get into this pose - you'll love what it can do for your body and your mindset!

{a covered bird watching tower in the middle of nowhere during a storm: my ideal yoga spot}

You can probably figure this pose out yourself, but you'll need to sit in half lotus or in full lotus. Inhale, raising your arms overhead. Interlock your fingers, turning them outward towards the ceiling. Exhale. Inhaling, stretch completely as much as you can, as if someone were pulling you up by your hands.

An easy pose for a lazy Saturday practice!


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