September 14, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 15 - Extended Side Angle Pose

Day Fifteen of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge

Extended Side Angle
Extended Side Angle Pose relieves stiffness in your shoulders and back, while providing a deep stretch to the groin and hamstrings - an all over feel-good stretch. Get ready to strengthen your legs, knees, and ankles, while also stretching and toning the abdominal muscles. It is also known to be therapeutic for constipation, infertility, sciatica, menstrual discomfort, and lower backache. Several reasons to practice this pose, even when you aren't feeling 100%... Happy Monday, everyone!

Wondering how you can wiggle into this pose? From a low lunge, roll your back heel to the ground, bring your fingers to the ground inside your front heel, and reach your other arm straight past your ear. Bring your shoulders, body, and legs all in one line. Do your best to keep your lower ribs long rather than collapsing over your front leg, if it is easier you can start by resting your front forearm on your thigh until you feel comfortable reaching down without losing the posture.

We're already half way through the challenge, who's excited to hear more about the sponsors? I'll be sharing in-depth reviews for Luna Jai and Spirit Lockets soon - get excited!

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