#EverybodyYoga Day 14 - Warrior II

Day Fourteen of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge
Warrior II

The benefits of Warrior II are numerous. This pose stretches your hips, groins and shoulders while it opens your chest and lungs. As we learned from Warrior I pose, these Warrior poses help with balance, stamina, and concentration. I love that this pose helps relieve backaches. I've also recently learned that Warrior II improves circulation and respiration. This is why I love yoga, simple stretches paired with a meditative state seriously changes lives.

Warrior II is an easy transition from yesterday's pose Warrior I, open up your back foot to a 90 degree angle and turn your chest to face the same direction, reach your arms out parallel to the ground. Keep your body vertical over your hips, and your front knee directly over your ankle.

I woke up early to get these photos and I'm so happy I did; sunrises on the beach never disappoint. Remember to make time for you to enjoy life, practice yoga somewhere beautiful today! We're two weeks into the challenge and I've been so happy to see all of your beautiful photos, this challenge has been so fun so far - I hope you all agree.

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