September 11, 2014

#EveryBodyYoga Day 11 - Thread The Needle Pose

Day Eleven of the
#EveryBodyYoga Challenge

Thread The Needle Pose

Thread the Needle Pose is essentially just a variation on yesterday's, child's pose. Thread the Needle stretches and opens your shoulders, chest, arms, upper back, and neck while it releases the tension that we all tend to carry in our upper back and between our shoulder blades. This pose also provides a mild twist to your spine, which further reduces tension. This pose also detoxifies with it's slight twist.

While on your hands and knees, reach your arm directly underneath your body, allowing your right shoulder and temple to release to the ground. Your left hand can stay where it is, or let it go above your head, whichever feels more comfortable. Enjoy lounging in this pose again today - so peaceful!

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You can find out the exact details on how to participate in the yoga challenge here.

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