September 18, 2014

Dating Advice: PlentyOfFish in the sea

As you may already know, I'm a married lady but that doesn't mean I can't help my readers out with a little bit of dating advice...I'm so excited PlentyOfFish wanted me to spread the word about a website that I think will really change the way all my single ladies think about meeting your soul mate.

I've had several friends who have met their other half online, which in this technology driven day and age - it only makes sense to meet someone via the computer or an app. Making a connection while at a bar or at the gym can work for some but I think most millennials will agree, if you want something deep and meaningful you have to search for it. Luckily, if you decide to get a profile on PlentyOfFish you'll get to know someone a little before meeting them and you get the chance to screen the creeps out virtually, a time saver!

I recently went to lunch with a couple of friends of mine that actually met on PlentyOfFish, the female in the relationship is actually my best friend. While they both had some rather comical jokes about their online romance and their playfully sarcastic relationship, they also both agreed that if you know what you are looking for in a relationship then PlentyOfFish is a great site. She said that she went on the site looking for something serious and after spending time browsing through her messages his stood out... He likes the same things she does, he made a real down to earth profile, and she liked what he had to say in the messages he sent her. He said that he liked the way she looked so friendly in her pictures, the way she was up front about what her intentions were, and the funny yet sweet vibe her profile had. He also told me he had to message her several times before she responded. HA! So maybe their love story isn't "traditional" but it's cute and you can truly see the spark between them. 

I asked them if they had any advice about finding someone on PlentyOfFish and they both said that honesty is best when creating a profile and a new relationship, don't fudge your interests or upload photos from 10 years ago. They also both said they met a few duds before finding each other, so don't expect Mr. Right to show up right away, you may have to chat with a frog or two before finding Prince Charming!

Did you know PlentyOfFish is the World's largest dating site with over 2 million people using it every single day? It's simple, free, and it works.

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