#WordlessWednesday - Catching up to July!

I had company in town (on their way) on Wednesday last week so I never got around to my wordless Wednesday post! So I'm playing catch up this week and I'm beyond excited to share some gorgeous photos with you! I've decided to be a part of the My 365 and Clickin' Mom's challenges on Instagram to brush up on my photography skills - check out my profile over there if you haven't already and leave your username below so I can follow you! :)

 {I didn't take this, nor am I in it - 
but my niece is visiting soon and this picture makes me giggle. I love her}

As you can see, my weeks have consisted of lots of yoga and lots of beach time, a little boat ride, and lots of fun! This summer has been amazing and I'm looking forward to what the rest of it holds in store!


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