4 Things blogging has taught me

I recently have decided my blog needs a new focus, I'm still going to share several giveaways but I want to share more with my readers than just prizes, I want to share ideas. I hope to inspire. I want this blog to be what I originally intended for it to be. I want to be a positive, authentic source of random but helpful information. I want to be a friend. I want to give advice and share stories.

With the new focus for my blog set in place, I have been taking a lot of important matters into consideration. I'm going to share the lessons I've learned from blogging thus far and what I have discovered while planning and trying to implement my blog/lifestyle change:

Routine is important:As we all know, creative types struggle to get things accomplished. I definitely fit into the category of a "creative type". I almost always get all of my goals accomplished, I just procrastinate some (maybe a little more than some). This is changing!

Setting a blog routine in place is imperative to functioning as a productive blogger. Waking up every morning and checking e-mails and responding to them, then having lunch and composing a few posts, then having free time - or maybe you'll wait until late in the evening to write, like I do. No matter what the plan is - have a plan, have a routine.

I suggest having a planner you can use for every single detail of your blog/personal life, actually using your phone's calendar to remind you of dates sponsored posts are due, scheduling as many posts as possible in advance. These are small things but they will help you feel more organized.

I feel like I spend every single hour I'm awake on the computer, this is my livelihood, I love sharing on my blog, and I'll always be doing this so implementing a structured routine is definitely part of my adjustment in my lifestyle.

Write, even when you feel uninspired:

Blogging doesn't have to be perfect. I can write even if I feel like I have nothing to write about.

If you're having a rough day, share it. If you feel like your life is boring, make a list of places you hope to visit and publish it. Share something, make connections, grow your circle: just get productive. Magic is in perseverance.

I think this is the main thing that has been holding me back from refocusing, I've been scared to really compose from the heart. I am ready to share, to be open, to be real. I will write even when I feel I have nothing to write, sorry if my posts get a little weird - but let's be frank, I'm a little weird.

Every single day is an adventure, 
you can use every experience as an opportunity to learn:

Embrace the everyday. I can learn from anything that happens to me during every experience in my life.

Say yes to things that scare you. Learn from your mistakes. Become a better person from making a fool out of yourself on occasion. Wherever you are, take it all in - every conversation, scent, sound, smile, and learn from the experience. Keep track of it all on your phone, jot it down on a napkin, whatever you need to do. If you learn something valuable, share it with the world, teach it.

I need to really focus on embracing details. I hope to start absorbing like a sponge and then sharing what I have learned on the blog.

You are your own worst critic:

I always notice my own typos, I stare at photos for hours and wonder if I look overweight in them, I obsess over if I'm using the write form of a word or if I'm spelling a newer (to me) word correctly.

You can and will have a few negative readers but most of your readers will be understanding. Guess why? We're all human and we all make mistakes.

I need to try and remember this during every moment of every day. Criticizing myself is helping no one. I'm going to try and stop focusing on what I've done wrong and try and focus on the things I've done correctly.

All I really know is this:
I'm still learning about myself (and my blog) daily.


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