So my laptop is on it's last leg --- 
yes, my laptop that I JUST bought in September 2013 is about to give out.
I guess I'm rough on my devices. HA.

In all seriousness, my little laptop is being sent to the Gateway Warranty Department
because the charger port (where the charger connects) no longer is responsive! 

Right in the middle of a few pretty spectacular campaigns and finals week my computer decided to go all wonky and wild and stop charging...What bad luck is that! 

I still will be able to blog on the tablet a bit but not as regularly as I would like until my baby comes back to me... Did I really just refer to my laptop as my "baby"? Yes, it's seriously attached to me most of the time so I'm not sure how this little break will go. It's kind of like my life support. They warned me that they may be sending me a whole new product or that all of my information may be deleted from the laptop, I'm really hoping they can just fix it up quickly and no real damage will be done... 
*fingers crossed*
 We also are making over our living room this week (hoping to make a little office space for myself), I'm gearing up to head back to the Midwest for my niece's first birthday, and I'm planning a party for when arrive back home to celebrate summer!

So, I guess I'll be less involved in the virtual world for a few weeks, I suppose I'll manage.

I think I should also share:
Several years ago today (5/6/06) - 
This super cute curly-headed boy asked me to be his girlfriend. I was 17, he was 19!
I remember telling my best friend about him asking and telling her how I really thought he was the one...
 I guess I just knew. 


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