Summer Time Beauty Tip: Dove Advanced Care anti-perspirant + deodorant

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central for Dove. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

As you can imagine summer time in Florida is a bit warm, especially on the beach! 
It's absolutely fantastic weather but the heat can make it a struggle to find an anti-perspirant that is tough enough for a beach go-er that gets baking HOT on a regular basis such as a myself.

This summer I've found a beauty secret that I feel like I should shout from the rooftops... or I suppose I should say from the beach chair, which is absolutely the more realistic place you will find me. I started using Dove Advanced Care in the scents "Revive" and "Nourished Beauty" a few weeks ago and I'm totally in love. With the 48-hour odor and wetness protection promise, Dove Advanced Care anti-perspirant deodorant is seriously the answer to this sunkissed girl's wishes!

My underarms feel so much smoother and the scents of Dove Advanced Care anti-perspirant deodorants are so clean and refreshing! The fact that Dove Advanced Care is the only deodorant or antiperspirant that is formulated with NutriumMoisture™ is one of the reasons I don't ever see myself making a switch.

NutriumMoisture™ is comprised of ingredients known to moisturize the skin:
  • Humectants – Designed to help skin retain its moisture balance over time
    • HEU (Hydroxyethylurea) – New to the deodorant category and comes from skin care product formulas
    • PEG-8 (Polyethylene Glycol) – Found in skin care products such as lotions
  • Occlusives – Form a barrier that helps to lock in skin moisture
  • Sunflower Seed Oil and Stearic Acid – Known to aid the skin’s natural renewal process
So as you can imagine, your underarms are left feeling refreshed and rejuvinated after a mere few days of using Dove Advanced Care.

I feel like I should mention that you should only apply a small amount, the amount of moisture and softness this product provides doesn't demand a large amount to be applied. Just a thin layer, which was about a swipe or two for myself, is all you need... Any more and the deodorant gets a bit thick and may even clump. 

The formula for Dove Advanced care is absolutely a break through in the industry and I'm so excited to have finally have found something that can beat the heat and keep me smelling fresh without a doubt!
Dove Advanced Care comes in several scents including: 

Nourished Beauty – A floral powdery fragrance with notes of jasmine and rose
Cool Essentials – A delightful blend of cucumber and green tea
Beauty Finish – A sparkling, sophisticated scent with notes of watery florals, sandalwood and amber musk
Revive – A fragrance of pomegranate and lemon verbena
Rebalance – A scent of plum and sakura blossom
Shea Butter – A floral, powdery fragrance with notes of shea butter, rose, vanilla and lily of the valley
Sensitive – An unscented, hypo-allergenic formula
NEW Caring Coconut – A light coconut scent with jasmine floral notes

I can't wait to give Caring Coconut a try, but as I said before Revive and Nourished Beauty smell absolutely incredible. Although, this week I have been grabbing more for Revive, it has the perfect fruity scent that just smells right in the summer time! 

No more worrying about deodorant stains or stinky smells, 
Dove Advanced Care offers protection that simply can not be matched.
I love that my underarms never feel dry 
and the super smooth feeling thanks to this stuff!

Plus, if you're not the type to use white deodorant... 
{whatever floats your boat, right?}
Dove has come out with a few Clear Tone Advanced Care options for you!

If you're looking to change up your routine and feel refreshed on a daily basis, I suggest you start small and switch your anti-perspirant to Dove Advanced Care so you can feel as confident and refreshed as I do on the beach! 

Which Dove Advanced Care scent do you want to try first?


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