April 16, 2014

#WordlessWednesday - Adventures and The selfie debate

Fun from this week... and some selfies. :)

I'm a sucker for a good selfie.
Am I a weird-o for taking some selfies on my "good days"? 
Hubby sure thinks so.
He HATES selfies, but I'm a pretty big fan - 
I mean I know this sounds kinda shallow, but when I look good I like to document it.
Make-up and hair are kind of like an art form, right? I'm just sharing my creativity!
I love photographing other people and objects as well,
but sometimes snappin' a selfie and sharing it with friends just feels necessary.
Where do you stand on the "selfie"? Do you take them?  
How many selfies are currently on your phone?
What do you think about the celebrity selfie trend?
Which leads me to my next thought,
I haven't done a single Wordless Wednesday post without words thus far.
Maybe one day... or maybe I'll just change the titles of these posts to "Wordy Wednesday".

Anyways, here's some photos I snapped on my phone during the past week:








Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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