April 24, 2014

Things I love Thursday - Short & Sweet for Finals Week #TILT

These little bits of advice from this teacher are comical and most of them are pretty true, 
I think everyone should read this and take notes:

   found here via stumbleupon  

This quote hit home this week:

This stunning peach + mint color palette is sure to wow,
another amazing combination from The Perfect Palette  

This Zip Your Lips make up pouch tutorial from a beautiful mess
is so cute and making it seems pretty simple + fun!

If you're a blogger looking to monetize, check out this list compiled by a spectacled owl to help you get in touch with some great companies and makes some $!

This website will help you find a farmer's market in your area - buy your fruits + veggies here,
they just taste better and they are so much less expensive!

That's all I have this Thursday --- HOORAY for finals week, NOT!

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