February 26, 2014

February is almost over... #Fitin2014

So now that February is almost over and I haven't even come close to sharing all of my favorite recipes and health tips, nor did I lose all the weight I intend to lose this year... So I've decided to change "Fit in Feb" to "Fit in '14"!

I'm determined to get more in shape this year and we all know Rome wasn't built in a day, I didn't gain all of this weight in a week, and I'm surely not going to lose it all in the shortest month of the year! BUT, I did learn this month that I love sharing health related posts on my blog and that I need to get better at time management, can I get a hand raise for how many bloggers, mamas, or college students feel me on that one? Time can really get away from you, can't believe I'll be 25 in 10 days.
It's like that song "Time keeps on slippin, slippin into the future..."

Forgive me for the tangent, ha. I also learned that it's going to take time to reach my goals, as I addressed above I didn't gain this extremely quickly so I'm definitely trying to lose it at a healthy rate so the weight loss is truly permanent. So here's my update:

I really can't believe this month is over.
I'm down 6lbs since Jan 1. and several inches.
I'm on a pretty strict diet plan til I get back from Miami *WOOHOO for winning a trip from a local radio station!!!*
I haven't been working out like I need to but that is all about to change,
I have a little over two weeks til Miami and I want to at least lose 1-2lbs more.

So wish me luck, I can't wait to share a post about my trip and to share more health related posts through out the year. I'm thinking of revamping the blog a little too so don't be shocked if you stop by and I've changed things up, variety is the spice of life... right? :)

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