Fit in Feb: Shop Seasonally {A guide to buying produce in season}

 As we all know,
weight loss really begins in the kitchen...
I've been trying to eat WAY more fruits + veggies
and way less processed foods as of late.
I always have trouble remembering what is technically "in-season"
while at the grocery store so I made up this handy, dandy infographic -
perfect for the produce loving grocery shopper!

I've literally fallen in love with veggies I didn't even know existed...
Cactus Pear in smoothies is awesome
and Butternut Squash in a casserole is amazing!

I pair some protein with two veggies for most of my meals
and snack on fruits occasionally.

Check out this list + head to the farmer's market or
your local produce section and snag some healthy food:
Fit in Feb: Shop Seasonally



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