{It's time to get in shape!} Bikini Body Challenge & Yoga with DoYouYoga

Have you heard of The FREE Bikini Body Mommy Challenge happening on Facebook?

I'm so glad to have found someone who isn't stick thin already, but works towards an amazing transformation WITH me! For some reason it's a huge motivator for me to see her changing, I suppose it just feels good to know that I'm not the only one out of shape... Plus working out in my own home is a great way to save time and money while still getting results. Check out her page to see how she lost 100lbs (after having 3 kids). Bikini Body Mommy Founder, Briana Christine, is a true inspiration and I must say her workouts motivate me to work towards my fitness goals. I'm currently on day 17 of the challenge and so excited about the results I'm seeing. I didn't buy her recipe book, she will suggest you do but I honestly know how I'm supposed to eat and I'll be sharing all kind of recipes soon... be sure to check back February 1st for a great start to a health series I'll be doing! I want us all to become Bikini Body success stories! You can find out more over on The Official Bikini Body Mommy Challenge page!

I also have been doing Yoga, through a great Youtube series I found with DoYouYoga.com. You will love this girl's down-to-earth personality, she even admits in one video that she is really "feeling" the stretch and it's not always easy. I enjoy working out with someone that admits that it isn't a heavenly feeling, sometimes it's tough but IT ALWAYS FEELS SO GOOD WHEN IT'S OVER... This is something I feel I need to remind you myself of... Plus it's only 20 minutes or less of your day. You won't need any equipment, other than a yoga mat or a nice blanket in it's place. Here's a link to start Day one of The 30-Day Yoga challenge that allows you to "go to yoga" without even putting pants on.

These work outs are how I plan on starting my transformation. I'm ready to lose a little bit of this extra weight and I'm going to share this journey with you guys. Is anybody with me?


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