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I'm in school part-time now,
next semester I'll begin attending full time and so will the hubby.
It's a huge expense on a blogger budget...
As I was sitting here budgeting the expense of school for the both of us, 
I realized we spend a ridiculous amount on textbooks each semester 
and sometimes the book store won't even buy the books back!
Saddled with books we will never need or want again,
stuck paying way too much for them in the first place,
I was starting to feel a bit worried...
I'm happy to say I've found the solution to my textbook problem.

Renting textbooks can save you a lot of money
and is a much better and more cost-effective alternative to buying your books.
Over 1 million customers rent textbooks from
at over 5,800 college campuses across the nation. 
 Join the movement, pay less for your college books 
and save your hard-earned money. 

- the opportunity to save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-the ability to highlight in the textbooks
-flexible renting periods
-live customer support
-the largest selection of books in the nation
-a donation to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
(helping with a minimum of 80 corrective surgeries per year for those in need)

After you save yourself some money,
are you ready to make yourself some as well?
 If you currently have the aforementioned unwanted textbooks,
you can now rent them to other students through their sister site,!
All you have to do is find the book on their site, 
print out a shipping label, and mail the book in. 
From then on, as long as your book(s) are in demand, takes care of everything else 
and all you do is make lots of extra cash.
Instead of just the normal "book buy back" at the end of the semester 
I know what I will be doing with the books 
I bought before I learned about
I'll be making 2-4 times MORE!

So if you are ready to save money AND make money 
then head on over to today!

Disclaimer: I received a product, sample, and/or compensation to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed above are completely my own.


  1. look like a good way to save money

  2. That's awesome it's always great to save money.

  3. I so wish this existed when I was in school. Can't think of a better service!

  4. If this was available before, I would have rented books instead of buying them! it's a great way to save.

  5. This makes so much more sense thaan buying them . The trade in is ususually a joke, amd keeping them is silly as very few you will ever look at again!

    ellen beck on rafflecopter


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