November 12, 2013

My first dog: my forever best friend

Meet Mister
This little guy was the light in my life.
He wasn't my "first dog" necessarily,
but he was the first dog I picked out to be "mine".
We had lots of dogs in my childhood,
but he was the only one that I really thought of as my own.
He had alopecia-x {hairloss for no real reason},
occasional seizures, was attacked by a black lab, and overcame it all...
I know that doesn't exactly sound like the happiest life but he was always happy,
just a little special and that made him perfect in my book.
It may sound cheesy but he really was my best friend!
He was there for me during the hardest time in my life...
through every tear I shed, through every rushed and worried shuffle between homes,
through the pure chaos and confusion...
He was also there once I finally overcame that struggle too,
he was able to live with me through the good and the bad.
I'm thankful for every second,
from the day I picked him out at the city "pound"
to the day he took his last breath in his sleep.
He was my best friend and I'm pretty sure I was his...

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  1. sounds like such a sweet pup! i'm glad you had him in your life. my dog is my everything.


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