Let's talk Danger: React Mobile Safety App for Android and iPhone Review

Imagine this, 
you are walking through the parking lot after work (or school)
and suddenly sense that you aren't alone...
You look around and don't see anyone but you keep hearing a noise behind you.
Your heart starts racing,
you quicken your pace and so does the onlooker,
you turn to the left to see if you really are being followed
and the perpetrator turns left too!
You know that you are in danger 
but all you have in your hands is your cell phone...
Your palms are getting sweaty, your hands are shaking, 
your breathing quickens, your knees get weak.
You aren't sure what to do...

Lucky for you,
React Mobile App is here to save the day!

This fantastic app allows you to protect yourself and your family by just clicking a button,
It turns your smartphone into a security device that allows you to React in the case of an emergency!

React Mobile allows users to report dangerous personal situations as well as suspicious incidents and criminal activity. With the push of a button, a silent SOS with the user’s GPS location is sent to select emergency contacts via email, text message and optionally an alert can be posted to Twitter/Facebook – without an onlooker or an attacker knowing. Safety is guaranteed with this type of information being sent out to your loved one's. Not only does React Mobile work in the United States, it will provide your loved one's with your whereabouts even when you are traveling Internationally! Imagine the comfort of everyone important in your life knowing EXACTLY where you are when you feel as though you are in danger.

Another useful tool React offers is the ability to use their tracking system, I think this tool is vital for the safety of your children and totally makes sense to install on your phone as well as theirs! The premium “Follow-me” feature allows users to have friends and family track them in real-time. This is a good way for young kids to "check-in" when arriving to a friends house without having to call, providing parents with peace of mind while their kid is having fun in a safe environment.

React can help anyone stay safe in uncertain situations. This app will literally save lives, allowing for anyone in danger to reach out for a helping hand. The React Mobile app will come in handy during college outings, late work nights, Christmas Shopping, and more..  React Mobile would be perfect for a girl's night out or any other occasion when you go out on the town but you may end up separating from your group and want to make sure that you and your buddies are safe. Have you ever seen the movie The Hangover? The React Mobile app would have saved them a lot of trouble! *laughs* 

In all seriousness, The React Mobile app really will keep you safe
and provide you and your family with peace of mind.
Your life is important and the people that created this app obviously think so too.

The App's features include:
- SOS Alerts email
- SOS via text
- SOS to Facebook and Twitter
- SOS to dedicated user console
- GPS location tracking
- 911 button/prompt
- Group SMS messages
and more!

You can download the app for any android phone running operating system 2.2 or higher,
as well as any iPhone device. 

I will be using this app for another more "friendly" purpose as well, my friend and I have started running together but sometimes I get a little ahead of her. This app will allow both of us to remain safe while we are running "together". 

This app is an independent woman's best friend and I'm so happy to have found it, I want to share React Mobile with the world! I'm such a big fan. Safety is a priority for me and now I feel safe no matter where I am. I know plenty of situations I will use React Mobile in and can think of several situations in which I should have already been using it before it's release! Thank goodness it's now available to everyone with a Smartphone!

I highly suggest React Mobile to all women (and men), it really is up to us to protect ourselves and this app will provide you with more safety then a can of mace or any other weapon that could be easily used against you if you aren't well versed on how to handle it. I am a non-violent person so this app really serves it's purpose in my eyes. I love the idea of knowing my husband would be notified of where I am if I feel that I'm in danger, it's almost as though I'm sending out a "bat signal" which makes me feel empowered and ready to take on anything. Security is now in the palm of your hand thanks to React Mobile.


  1. Super review. I think this is a must for all phones! What an excellent safety feature and all for 99 cents! Thanks for stopping by my review on Jubilee Reviews!

  2. That is awesome! I am definitely going to have to get that app for when I am alone! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I really need to download this app! It sounds like it really gives users a sense of security!

  5. Sounds like a very useful app that I should have.

  6. This replaced my other running safety app, my husband and I both prefer the features of this one when I am out alone.

  7. I think this sounds like a great app!

  8. This app sounds really awesome! I think I'll definitely download it... I was waiting for something like this to come out!

  9. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a cool app!!!

  10. I keep hearing great things about this app. I sadly don't have an compatible devices, but if I did I would def. be getting this :)

  11. That's an awesome app that could potentially save someone's life.

  12. This sounds really awesome. I'm going to check it out now, but where I live there have been an increase in attacks on women...and we were discussing ways to be safe. I'll check this out and likely share! Thanks!

  13. Great review and checking it out

  14. That sounds awesome for someone with a cell phone like my children. I will surely ask them to check this out. That's a great review you did.

  15. This is one of the best reviews I've seen for an app. Thanks for being really proactive with this. I think safety is such a big deal, especially those who have children. Very very well written.

  16. Now I really need and want this app on my phone!

  17. This is such a smart app! I need to download it asap :)

  18. I like that there are apps like this available, thank you for sharing the information!

  19. great app!!! I'm getting it for me and my daughter :)

  20. I know some real estate agents who would want this - wow! Many people don't realize that doing open houses, etc., can be very dangerous. It is hard for anyone to stay in places that are not obviously dangerous (as almost any place can be). This is a good help. I have read of women near me getting kidnapped waiting for the bus.

  21. love the app, so useful and helpful, worth having

  22. this is brilliant. i close at work by myself, this could help

  23. I work as an over the road truck driver. This app might be just what I need to put my loved ones minds at ease.


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