October 13, 2013

Super Simple + Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall {Thrifty Finds}

Although my gallery wall isn't complete,
I decided I just HAD to share my progress thus far.
 {I think it may always be a work in progress}
This was a super easy project,
that ANYONE can do.

I got a little thrifty with my wall,
I went poppin' tags and even found one gorgeous frame in the trash...
but you could also use brand spankin' new frames.
I was aiming for a very eclectic look and totally think I achieved what I wanted.

 I bought the silver pieces for an older project in another room that I've grown tired of
 and spray painted them long before taking pictures. 
The canvas prints were super simple to make,
I just placed a doily partially over the canvas and spray painted them.
{The before picture of some of the frames, mirrors, etc.
and included the prices I paid at the thrift store
so you get an idea of how cheap making a wall like this really can be!}

The process is pretty self-explanatory but just in case:
I went to home depot and chose two bright, fun, cheery colors
and thought bright blue and sunshine yellow were gorgeous colors,
plus they match the beachy vibe I try to carry through our house.

I then laid down newspaper, spray painted some of the pieces I thought needed color
and let them sit out for a few hours before bringing them in and hanging them up.

That's it. You are ready to hang your beauties up!

I'm thinking in the near future I'll add
some of my art, an initial, more pictures of family,
and maybe some other fun thrifty finds.
This wall is our stairwell wall so it's HUGE.. We have lots of space to be filled!

There are so many ways to lay out the frames, mirrors, etc.
So my advice to you is have fun, do inventive things, get creative.
The silver mirror-backed candlestick holders that look pretty elegant in my pictures
were ol'-school southwestern decor and pretty hideous,
hubby thought I was crazy until he saw the final product.
So while you are shopping for your wall be imaginative,
some of the ugliest finds can be made gorgeous with just a can of paint.


  1. I had to translate this: "I went poppin' tags". I think what you said was you went to tag (AKA garage) sales. What ever you did, it came out very well on your wall.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. This is so creative and too cute! Love it!

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I have been wanting to do a wall of my own!

  4. That is amazing! I wish I had your creativity. I can't even hang a picture up evenly!!!


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