August 29, 2013

LOVE - Original Painting - FOR SALE on ebay

This adorable and original painting was made to make you smile. 

It features a simple word --- 
one that makes the world go round, 
what the world needs a little more of, 
and what everyone wants and deserves: 

I added tons of fun and fluid details 
like water droplets and giant flowers 
to make this painting really 
embody my classic whimsical style. 

It has a very light grey background color, 
with a very light yellow and bright vibrant pink 
constituting most of the major details 
and a very fun and colorful variety of smaller details 
to really make the piece "pop". 

My style is my own 
and I only make ONE of each painting --- 
no additional prints are even made! 

This little guy is up for grabs on e-bay starting at just $9.99
and is only available for the next SEVEN days.
If you are interested in purchasing this piece
you can check out the auction by clicking here:

All proceeds from this auction will go directly towards paying tuition...
So thank you and Happy Bidding! :)

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