July 17, 2013

True Life: I'm addicted to giveaways - {my recent creation - a mural}

So since there are plenty of giveaways up, how about some art?

I know I've been neglecting what my site is really about lately, not intentionally...  I just get caught up in the giveaway hype and forget that I'm blogging for a purpose on occasion,
I'm sure many of my fellow giveaway addicted "sweepers" out there can agree with me.

Anyways, other than entering sweeps I've been painting a mural lately... That's right, a MURAL.
By far, the biggest piece of art I've ever been commissioned to do,
& I'm beyond excited about it's progress thus far and wanted to share a little cell phone snapshot preview.
{I will be sharing better quality photographs of the final product bust just had to share the beginning of my "masterpiece".}
Tampa Bay Area Artist Mural Shop Boutique
So, it's official I,"Lauren Paints | a beautiful life", am officially painting murals in the sunshine state of Florida!
Dreams really do come true and I am proof.
Do you want some fun art in your home?


  1. That is beautiful! Too bad you don't live in Boston lol

  2. That is so cool! I love murals on buildings, fun to see, especially on vacations :)

  3. that is very cool... makes me want to go to the beach or head to the islands... love the colors too!

  4. Wow amazing I wish I had the talent

  5. Now that is so cool. I would love to have that done when I get my house built.

  6. How fun for you to have such a big canvas. It's looking lovely.

    slehan at juno dot com

  7. Yes, giveaways are addicting...I luv to enter them.
    I luv to paint small pics but have to make more time for it.
    So happy for you that your painting dream has become a reality...good for you!!!

  8. That's such a pretty mural! It would be a great idea for a staycation scenary!


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