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Are you ready to try an Organic SUPER FRUIT smoothie 
packed with powerful nutrition & epic flavor?!

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Sambazon is an amazing company that offers delicious products including smoothies, sorbets, energy drinks, supplements, juice cleanses, and more all made with their "delicious powers" and backed by their Sambazon Principles of Purple Love...

If you aren't familiar with the SAMBAZON’S PRINCIPLES OF PURPLE LOVE now is the time to learn!

 SAMBAZON’S PRINCIPLES OF PURPLE LOVE – a manifesto guiding us to always: 

1. Foster a healthy disregard for the impossible. 
2. Be fiercely committed to Sustainability + all things Organic/Non-GMO. 
3. Share Superfoods that energize the Body + Soul. 
4. Live an active lifestyle that’s centered around vibrant Health + Wellness. 
5. Be honest, upful, playful, open, curious, driven and humble. 
6. Trust in “One Tribe. One Vibe.” by being earnest, approachable and radically inclusive of all. 
7. Measure success through a Triple Bottom Line: Social + Environmental + Economic. 

They make healthy products with full integrity that promote a better you – 
the kind of you that lives better, works better, feels better and inspires the world to be a better place.

Honestly, these smoothies are heavenly and here's why: 

Plus they include foods that help boost the metabolism, which is excellent. I'm trying to do just that by eating smaller portions through out the day instead of indulging in heavy meals and grabbing a Sambazon Smoothie is a great way to fuel my body without feeling weighed down! Check out some more foods that are included in a lot of the smoothies but would also be good to eat to boost your metabolism:

 So now that you know what Sambazon is all about let's get to business!

Sambazon is all about "Energizing Your Soul" and being amazing. 
Please leave a comment letting me know how you "energize your soul" 
or what makes you amazing. {Be sure to claim your entry using the rafflecopter widget below.}

 I am giving away 3 smoothie coupons to two winners so that you can taste the power of Sambazon's deliciousness!


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  1. I energize my soul by watching my daughter play her violin.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  2. I energize my soul by listening to my favorite music.

  3. I energize my soul by blogging :D

    Teresa@ Freebies 4 My Family :D Come Visit!

  4. I energize my soul by listening to music & reading,

  5. music, showering, and exercising helps energize my soul.

  6. I energize my soul by playing outside with my 5 boys!

  7. Yummy!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  8. I try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water.

  9. I break the routine - be aware of when you are phoning everything in. When you eat the same thing every TUES, it's time to find a new recipe. walk a different route, wear a different combination of clothes, read a book from a new author or category.

  10. I energize my soul by listening to my favorite music.



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