Universal Studios- Orlando Giveaway WINNER! and Valentine's Lovey Dovey

I was sitting in the car waiting for my husband to pay for gas and then fuel up our boxy silver KIA Soul on our way to spend time together for a Valentine's date and heard my phone "ding" like it does when I receive one of several hundred junk e-mails through out the day.
[I admit, I'm guilty of filling out almost every form on the internet to try and win something or get something free as long as they don't ask for anything too personal which results in the FULLEST inbox gmail has ever encountered. This has gotten me in trouble NUMEROUS times...Including the fact that my information is now on a pen pal list that is apparently distributed to prisoners through out the country... How exactly they got my information? I don't know... :/ Creepy and would I like my name removed? YES! YES! YES! I know criminals need love too and I think it's great they want to build friendships and what not but PLEASE stop writing me. I in no way want to associate with criminals through snail mail correspondence. I think maybe it's some sick, twisted joke someone played on me... Anyways, back to the point of this post.] 

I look at the subject line of the e-mail and it reads "Congratulations ABC Act..." and I'm thinking "Oh, great.. another spammer trying to get my routing number and steal all my money. Lucky me". But I decide to open it anyways, after all I am just sitting in the car wasting time... It goes on to say that I won a "Mardi Gras giveaway from ABC ACTION NEWS and Universal Studios Resort...Two free tickets and a parking pass... " & so on and so forth..

I instantly explode out of the car doors fumbling to grab my clutch that had been laying in my lap, leaving the keys in the ignition, and shaking slightly. I had to tell my husband that we won and he went inside to pay cash so off I went. You would have thought I had won a million dollars with the amount of adrenaline flowing through me.. I continue on to do what feels like a skip that somehow turned into a child-like extended leg leap towards the store [I'm sure it was a lot less graceful then I described]. I rush towards the door and I'm greeted by the hubby walking out. I must have had a wild grin and an unrecognizable gaze because he started to walk right by me til I exclaimed "I WON!" He looked at me like I was nuts and I continued on to tell him that we were going to Universal Studios. WOOOOHOOOOOOO. He acted like I was kidding or crazy and kind of seemed indifferent until we got back into the car and I showed him the e-mail from the ABC promotions director and then we both got super excited and started giggling like children.

Moments like these are the one's I want to cherish for eternity. The un-real feeling of winning something is awesome BUT the amazing feeling of turning to my best friend that I'm married to FOREVER and smiling and truly enjoying something together... Sharing the bliss of child-like happiness with my soulmate. It was as though the world was frozen and we were truly living in the moment. I have felt this feeling many times before with my husband and look forward to many cherished memories to come that involve this feeling of bliss and excitement and love all mixed together. I'm so happy and blessed to have this man to share my life with, he's been my valentine for the last 7 years and that's pretty great in my book.

 After acting like a couple of buffoons in the gas station parking lot, we then continued on to Tampa and he spoiled me with a day of pampering at a Spa with a very relaxing Mani/Pedi, followed by dinner at my favorite place, and a good long walk through IKEA. I loved every second of it. He sure knows how to spoil a girl. :)

He was spoiled the next day after work with a scavenger hunt and a nice prize at the end of it.[ I may share the details in a series later this year.] I also made him a book of "The ABC's of us" which was full of silly stuff and loving words and memories equivalent to the one listed above. He smiled for hours and even sent a little text the following day letting my know how much he loved his Valentine's Day gifts. I know. We are mushy, cheesy, lovey dovey and so is this entire post but when you are WORKING on your marriage together it feels amazing. I'm the happiest I've been in a while and I can't help but share.

So needless to say, our Valentine's Day was a little sweeter winning something so neat, but having each other was what made the day really special.

We will be adventuring to the fantasyland of Orlando tomorrow and if you can't tell... we are ready and willing to ride some coasters and experience some crazyness at the theme parks. I'm reading up on other activities to enjoy and I think maybe an Art Walk or a visit to a museum is in-store on the day following our visit to the parks! There's also a Character Audition at Disney that I'm considering attending. Could I be the next disney princess?!

Universal Orlando Ticket Winners
So I may sound like a little kid and I'm okay with that... I'm going to be in Orlando acting like I'm 12 and having a blast tomorrow with my best friend. :p


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