This post is sponsored by Gerber, regardless all opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Did you see us? We're what I call "officially official"! While I'm super shy and awkward in front of a video camera, we did it...  my cute little chunk and I made our debut on Facebook LIVE and if you caught it, you'll know one of the few tips I'm going to share today already!

With that said, today I'm dishing out all the details on how we get Delainey into sleep mode each night. As I mentioned in our live, she sadly isn't a through-the-night sleeper yet... But we've mastered the technique of getting her to sleep so I thought I'd share for other mamas that are going crazy trying to get their tiny tots to sleep.

We'll start with the bit I mentioned in our video, socks! We want to always provide comfort so we choose Gerber socks, since they are the softest... and of course, the coordinating Gerber PJ sets, mittens, towels, etc. from Walmart are also super soft and among our favorites.

We choose Gerber because it's a brand we can trust and I mean, how cute does she look in this?

The next thing we do is a bath! My former bath-hater suddenly did a 180 and now pleads to take a bath all day long. Post dinner seems to be the best time for us and it just so happens it's become part of her night time routine now. I love getting to watch her splash and enjoy the water... and it probably comes as no surprise that both her washcloth and her towel are from the Gerber Childrenswear line we adore so much.

Speaking of adoration, my favorite part of our night time routine is getting some cuddles in - We always sit down and read books before we officially say night night and we both love this time..

Find the right bed - While we planned for Delainey to sleep in her crib every night... it just doesn't always happen. She loves her Dockatot though. It's been a real life saver and actually has helped us all sleep better. I know she's safe and she feels safe... it's a total must-have for us!

Lastly, make some noise! Well, I mean, don't start banging pots and pans, but don't walk on tippy toe all the time either. You'll want your baby to be able to sleep through some things. We use a sound machine with a beach sound to soothe her and it's truly been with us every night of her life. It's a must in my book.

Now, tell me, if you have a through the night sleeper or a little early riser like D, what's your bedtime routine look like?