This kid is growing like a weed and she truly has the soul of a little wildflower.

She always wants to follow what her heart desires, adventuring and exploring new places are truly her favorite activities, and being in the great outdoors is invigorating to her spirit... I mean, you can literally see her light up each time we go outdoors.

She loves music, she dances whenever she wants to and it's completely to the beat of her own drum, she growls when she's feeling silly, she seems to already favor art, and she doesn't have any difficultly expressing herself...

I'm getting off base now though... What I'm trying to say is she has a sweet little free spirit and I mean, as her mama, I'm pretty proud of my little "wildflower".

So, dressing her up as a little wildflower was an obvious costume waiting to happen.

Plus, after hearing of the passing of Tom Petty, one of my all-time favorite musicians, I thought it would be a fun way to honor a great soul and a great song. If you haven't heard Wildflowers by Tom Petty, then have a listen as you make this costume.

Instead of getting all crazy with it and planting her in a garden of fabric flowers, we kept today's costume super simple.

D wore an olive The Baby Bird Boutique romper paired with a super sweet sunflower made by your favorite new place to get floral crowns, little blooms, and even fun "belts" like this - Bloomology! Then, we added a headwrap from Hello Miss Gorgeous as a finishing touch and she was all set to show off and dance around like the little wildflower she is.

Does your sweet gal belong among the wildflowers too?

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