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You know that moment when you see a preview for a movie that is coming out soon and it makes you SO excited that you have to see the movie as soon as possible? I'm talking about the type of movie that makes you add a note to your phone's calendar and text your best friend that she HAS to come with you to see the movie on opening night. Well, The Age of Adaline is one of those movies.

In only two minutes, I already know I'll love everything about this movie. With twists and turns that you wouldn't expect, The Age of Adaline captures the gorgeous Blake Lively as a young woman, named Adaline Bowman, trapped in a body that doesn't age after an accident.

While that may sound like an ideal life, the downfall is that everyone else will continue to age. Our society considers maintaining our youth to be a fantasy, but as you'll find out in The Age of Adaline the reality of eternal youth isn't all it's chalked up to be. True love, family devotion, and a suspenseful story-line... what more could you ask for in a movie?
Watching Lively play Adaline is a real treat. Her beautiful face is truly timeless, which is proven as she adjust her looks to blend with each and every decade through out the years. While her acting is amazing, the supporting actors in the movie also do a great job of making the story line come together.