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This year I'm determined to do everything I can to keep my body feeling strong and my immune system in tip-top shape and I know so many people in my life are looking for the exact same thing. We all want simple ways to help us look and feel better. I have come to the realization that it all begins with strengthening your body, inside and out - today I want to share how I keep my body strong.
8 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Body Strong Inside & Out

8 Tips & Tricks to
Keep Your Body Strong Inside & Out

8 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Body Strong Inside & Out
1. Start Taking Supplements - Ester-C® 1,000 MG supplement is the go to product for someone as busy as me. It provides my immune system with the support I need, 24 hours a day.

2. Workout Routines - Implementing a regular work out routine is key to keeping your body strong! I've picked up boxing lately and been practicing yoga at home since the gym has been crazy with New Years & Spring Break crowds.3. Proper Workout Attire - Whether your’re at the gym or at home, you need support in your work out gear too! Be sure to buy hair ties that actually stay in your hair as well as supportive under garments, shoes, etc.

4. Heart Rate Monitor - Keep track of your progress on every work out and be sure you are in a good "zone" while doing cardio. I'm obsessed with my HRM.

5. Stay Hydrated - Be sure to drink plenty of water, it's important to keep plenty of H20 in your body to keep it functioning.

6. Get Organized - Write down when you take your Ester-C®, when you have plans to work out with your trainer, and keep track of calories if you are on a diet - all in a planner!

7. Stand Up Straight - Heard of a waist trimmer before? These are new to me, but they help with posture and are absolutely amazing. I suffer from horrible posture so this thing has been a life saver and is helping build strength in my back.

8. Keep Your Hands Clean - Lastly, pocket sized hand sanitizer... just in case. You never know what situation you'll end up in and it's always good to have on hand, no matter where you are.
8 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Body Strong Inside & Out

Now that I've shared how I keep my immune system supported and strong, I'd love to hear what you do to keep your body in tip-top shape? If you want to snag some Ester-C® for yourself, head to WalMart and grab a bottle at "roll-back" prices.

8 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Body Strong Inside & Out

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