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Learn Something - Word of the Day 2014

My word of the day is a little different than most,
A little vocab lesson, if you will.

Just look for today's date and the word in BOLD. :)


1st:  febrile -
of, relating to, or characterized by fever; feverish

2nd: perihelion - 

 the point nearest the sun in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body  

florid -      
red-colored, flushed; gaudy, ornate

4th:  deleterious -    
harmful, destructive, detrimental   

5th: amanuensis -
 one who is employed to take dictation or to copy manuscript

6th: epiphenomenon - 

a secondary phenomenon that results from and accompanies another

7th: ephemeral  -     
momentary, transient, fleeting  
8th:  hackneyed -       
cliched, worn out by overuse   

9th:  adulation -      
high praise    

10th:  sagacity -

11th: usufruct -

 the right to use and enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another as long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way

12th: ebullient -
zestfully enthusiastic

13th: nidificate -

 to nest

14th: osculator
 one who kisses

15th: winebibber

one who drinks much wine

16th: anomalistic -
deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule; phenomenal

17th: forisfamiliation
 the act of liberating oneself from parental authority

helioseismology -
study of wave oscillations in the sun

19th: juglandaceous - 
liking or pertaining to walnuts

macrocephalous - 

having a large head

21st: ranidaphobia
fear of frogs

22nd: utilitarianism -
adopting a code of conduct that determines ethical values

23rd: invidious -
causing resentment

24th: mollify -

25th: sedulous -
careful, diligent

26th: nascent -
emerging, beginning

27th: hebdomary - 


28th:  redolent -
fragment, suggestive

29th: incommodious  -  

30th: plenary -
complete, full

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