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Word of The Day - Learn something

My word of the day is a little different than most,
I want to provide you with a vocab lesson so I provide you with the definition of words that I think you may be unfamiliar with...

Just look for today's date and the word in BOLD. :)


1st: ignoble -
not noble; of ordinary/low character, aims

2nd: impiety -

irreverence toward God

3rd: luxuriant -

to grow with energy and in great abundance

4th: nugatory -
trifling, futile

5th: oligarchy -
form of government in which a samll exclusive group holds power

6th: paean -
a song of praise or triumph

7th: pied -
colored, blotched together

8th: artifice -
skill in a craft

9th: coterie -
a clique, social group

10th: askance -
a sideways glance of disapproval

11th: espouse -

to take up as a cause, support

either end of a chromosome; a terminal chromosome

13th: knavery -

a dishonest act

tetchily - 
irritably or peevishly sensitive

15th: lecherous -

impure in thought and act

16th: amortize -

to diminsh by installment payments

17th: chicanery -

trickery, fraud, deception

18th: quotidian -

occurring daily, commonplace

19th: scintilla - 

a trace/very small amount, spark, speck

solipsistic -
believing that oneself is all that exists

21st: vicissitude -

change or variation, ups and downs, inconsistency

22nd:whet -

to sharpen, to stimulate
23rd: cosset -
to pamper, spoil

24th:diaphanous -

allowing light to show through; delicate

25th: mire -
to get stuck in wet soggy ground

26th:nexus -

a connection

27th: objurgate -

to scold vehemently

28th:  palatial -

large and ornate, like a palace

29th:  pinioned -

bound fast

30th: pommel -

a knob, as on the hilt of a sword; infront of saddle

31st: chortle -
to make a delighted, chuckling sound

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