We all know Valentine's Day is a fun day to spend with your loved one's,
but sometimes it can get a little stressful coming up with clever ways to impress your Valentine.
I have come up with a few creative + fun ways to really make the most out of your day!
{Plus all of the ideas won't break your bank!}
These date ideas include stuff to do with your sweetie, your family, or your friends...
a bit of variety and a lot of fun!
I think most of the ideas promote a lot of conversation and bonding time
vs. the standard "Dinner + Movie" date.
I hope you and your sweetie(s) have a great time,
no matter what you choose to do...

Happy Valentine's Day,
Ladies & Gents!

Valentine's Date idea #1:
 A day spent GEOCACHING,
don't know what it is?
Find out more at geocaching.com.
It seriously is a treasure hunt for adults,
sometimes the treasures you find aren't so wonderful 
but the fun part is worth it -
Getting to explore the outdoors and play like your a kid!
Hubby and I love going geocaching, 
if you give it a go then you'll have to let me know what kind of treasures you find!
[Don't forget to bring some "swag" to share, 
crafts you make or little trinkets are great!]

Valentine's Date Idea #2:
Spend a day browsing for books at the LIBRARY.
I know it sounds a bit ridiculous,
but the library can be so romantic.
Grab a few books,
find a comfy chair or a corner,
and snuggle up next to each other and read.
Lounging and laughing at the literary twists,
seriously a fun way to celebrate your love,
in a totally nerdy {in a cool way} fashion.
It's simple, but it's seriously so sweet.
Afterwards, make dinner together and discuss the books you read!

Valentine's Date Idea #3:
Watch some local talent and attend a COFFEE HOUSE performance.
Google coffee shops in your town,
if you don't already frequent a local establishment.
Then check out their calendars to see what kind of events they have going on.
I highly recommend open mic nights (if you can find one),
you might hear some funny stuff but you'll definitely hear some AMAZING talent as well.
I love trying something new every time I visit a new shop,
ask what the best drink is and order it -- you won't be disappointed!

Valentine's Date Idea #4:
Spend some time Stargazing at The Planetarium!
You can find out where one is nearby you here
or obviously google is a good place to start.
If you don't have a Planetarium nearby,
then find a spot in your town without a lot of light and look up...
You are sure to see some beautiful sights!
I'm a huge fan of going to The Planetarium,
it's something different and truly educational.

 I'm going to be adding more random date night ideas through out the year,
but thought I'd give you a few creative + fun ideas to celebrate with your Valentine's!