As a teacher, an artist, an aunt, and a future foster parent 
I'm always looking for fun and educational toys and books for little one's.
I really think I've found something great in Imagistory.

What is Imagistory?

Imagistory is a creative storytelling app, 
designed around wordless picture books.
 It is a way for your child to
create, explore, engage, share, and learn; 
an application in development that will transform story time with your kids.

Imagistory can be used by anyone, in any language you like, at any age.
You create a story from the pictures using imagination instead of words.
This is a "book-reading" experience unlike any other,
it is personalized, 
encourages high levels of interaction,
and allows you to bond with your child!
Time spent laughing, re-telling, rearranging, and enjoying each others stories,
what could be better!
Not only is this a great bonding and learning tool,
you can record, save, and share the stories 
or if you aren't feeling creative one evening you can listen to one of the featured stories each week!

Imagistory encourages literacy development, 
creativity, language, vocabulary, and story telling skills in a fun way.
This will transform story time in the classroom,
allowing my students to personalize books will be great 
for their self-esteem as well as their developmental skills.
Seeing my student's creative, imaginative side is truly 
why I want  to be a teacher, 
I want to help them truly explore and learn 
and I think this app will teach them lessons 
that the average storytime  (with books that include words) just can't.

I also think this app will truly be helpful while bonding 
with my younger foster children in the future, 
I've learned that several children tell stories about a "friend"
or sometimes will tell act out situations with their toys, etc. 
that will actually reveal interesting details about their own personal life.
Imagistory could be used in the same manner 
but is also a way to share more openly with others.
I'm hoping the stories my foster children choose to tell us using Imagistory
will reveal to us and their caseworkers details that they haven't been comfortable sharing yet,
Imagistory may even help us to figure out the best possible plan of action 
to help them get back into their homes or to possibly stay in our home.
  I also know expressing creativity is a great stress and anxiety reliever 
(from personal experience, obviously!)
and think this app will help them to not only bond with my husband and I 
but to learn to cope with their life in a healthy and productive manner. 
Even if the children decide they don't want to share details,
we can help them learn more about us by reading our version of the stories to them...

It will be a fun way to get creative and have fun, no matter what!

{ If you want an example of how much kids love this app, watch this little creative genius tell her tale.}
I love that the books all include illustrations to spark a child's creativity 
but the story they choose to read is truly their own.
It's time to introduce our kids to a new way of using their imagination,
a way for them to "read" their own book. 

If you want to donate to help 
Imagistory get out on the market,
then hurry on over to their Kickstarter and pledge today! 
I can't wait to read several of the new stories coming out in Spring 2014!

Disclaimer: I received a product, sample, and/or compensation to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed above are completely my own.