{This post was from my old blog that I never really even used, but I pinned an image from it and it's gained a little popularity so I'm transferring it over so it's not a dead end page! :) So here's a little Ikea hack to getting the coolest make up table ever... I don't have room for it in my current house so it's serving as an entryway table but you better believe I'll get my vanity back in my next home!}

I've decided that I need to start making use of my "pinning time". Recently I created a vanity from mainly Ikea products after being inspired by another pinner! :) Here's my creation in full force & a little bit of direction/tips!

From now on when I create pinterest inspired projects I will take "during photos as well!

Items used to make the vanity:
To create your own vanity simply screw the 4 legs into the Ekby Shelf, obviously make sure you screw them into a place where the weight of the shelf is evenly distributed so that the table can stand. Place lamps, chair, and mirror to your liking... and ta-da! You have a gorgeous vanity ready to use! It's that simple!

& hints at getting this just right:
  1. The screws that come with the VIKA CURRY legs are too long to be screwed into the shelf, they WILL poke through! I suggest hitting the hardware store (or the junk drawer- in my case) for a smaller size screw!
  2. CHECK THE AS-IS IKEA SECTION! I can not stress how important it is to bargain shop! haha. I saved $20 easily by forcing hubby to browse it with me.
  3. I used little shelves behind the Vanity (from Target) to give me extra storage for hair products and taller items that couldn't fit under the glass part of the shelf.
  4. I'm still missing this step but buy bead containers from a craft store to store make up and other trinkets.