I'm trying to eat a bit healthier lately and have really started to LOVE smoothies.
I especially love "green smoothies" 
because they incorporate LOTS of veggies and fruits,
which we all need in our diets
and they taste so incredibly good -
What's not to love?!
Instead of having trouble forcing myself to eat handfuls of spinach or kale raw everyday,
trying to convince myself that I love raw celery... etc.
I've found that sipping them blended together through a straw is
not only DELICIOUS but super easy to prepare!

The recipe I'm sharing today is for one of the many Green Smoothie recipes I make regularly.
(If you like this recipe, please comment and I'll definitely share more scrumptious smoothie recipes!)

 You'll need a knife, cutting board, and a blender.


2 organic bananas
1/2 pint of organic blueberries
1 large organic cucumber
1-2 cups freshly cut organic pineapple
1/4 pound organic strawberries
1/2 pound organic spinach {I use half the "clam shell"}
1/2 cup almond milk

Now the super simple part:
                            Place in blender. 
                Blend til completely smooth 
                                 (add water or more almond milk if needed). 
Sip + Feel incredible!