So since there are plenty of giveaways up, how about some art?

I know I've been neglecting what my site is really about lately, not intentionally...  I just get caught up in the giveaway hype and forget that I'm blogging for a purpose on occasion,
I'm sure many of my fellow giveaway addicted "sweepers" out there can agree with me.

Anyways, other than entering sweeps I've been painting a mural lately... That's right, a MURAL.
By far, the biggest piece of art I've ever been commissioned to do,
& I'm beyond excited about it's progress thus far and wanted to share a little cell phone snapshot preview.
{I will be sharing better quality photographs of the final product bust just had to share the beginning of my "masterpiece".}
Tampa Bay Area Artist Mural Shop Boutique
So, it's official I,"Lauren Paints | a beautiful life", am officially painting murals in the sunshine state of Florida!
Dreams really do come true and I am proof.
Do you want some fun art in your home?